Peace of mind

For your peace of mind, a warranty is available from your local fitter

Your fitter will provide you with full details of any warranty or guarantee that they offer. If you would like to know the specific terms and conditions then please let us know and we will send you a copy of the terms and conditions of the warranty offered by your fitter.

What's usually covered?

Workmanship errors

If your fitter installs items incorrectly or incompletely and the operation of the furniture is compromised.

What isn't usually covered?

Manufacturing defects

Errors in the construction of the furniture before we assemble it.


Any misuse of the furniture by any person.

Where furniture is modified or moved

For example cutting to fit furniture or modifications at your request or moving constructed furniture.

Some important points

Terms and conditions apply to the warranty and are available at any time and are set by your fitter who reserve the right to refuse any warranty claim where it is believed that the issues were caused by misuse, deliberate or malicious damage, house fires, damaged caused by external factors or any issue that cannot be proven that a workmanship error has occurred. As part of a warranty claim the claim may be limited to providing instructions for a robust fix, pro-rata refund or a visit by the fitter who originally assembled the item. If it is suspected that there is a problem with the manufacturing of the furniture a call out fee may apply for which we will provide a receipt for which you can invoice your furniture supplier for. If it is found that an error was made with the construction of the furniture by the fitter then a full refund of any subsequent call out fee will be made.

If your fitter arrives and an item is faulty

If this occurs then a nominal call out charge will apply. On request we will provide you with an invoice which you should be able to claim from the supplier of the furniture. Once you have the replacement furniture then we will offer you the next available appointment as a matter of urgency to reduce the delay on your furniture being installed and your original quote price will be guaranteed for a minimum of 6 months following the original booking date so that you know your furniture assembly won't cost you any more.