Ten years of flat pack assembly newcastle

Ten years of affordable furniture assembly

We're proud to have served the UK for an entire decade

Here at buildmyflatpacks.com when we first started out we could never have imagined the journey that we have taken and we could not have imagined where would would be ten years on.

For ten years we have continually aimed to improve our service and our performance. Our customer numbers are at an all time high and we have survived numerous challenges including the recession and Brexit yet here we are still providing affordable furniture assembly nationwide.

At buildmyflatpacks.com we are constantly updating our service and continue to see where costs can be reduced which helps us pass on great savings to you and helps us remain competitive. We have remained fiercely independent which allows us to remain flexible and competitive and we concentrate on providing services directly to customers.

We have met some really amazing customers and have formed excellent working relationships with our suppliers throughout the country and we look forward to building on these in the future.

Nationwide, IKEA PAX is our most popular item that we assemble and just over half of our bookings include a PAX combination. In second place is the New Hallingford wardrobe by Argos and in third place is the MALM arrange by IKEA. Londoners are particularly fond of sliding door wardrobes, Manchurians like their TV storage units and display units are most popular in the North East of England. London is our busiest large base and Milton Keynes is our busiest small base. In future we aim to focus our growth in Glasgow, Belfast and the North East.

On behalf of the entire buildmyflatpacks.com company we would like to thank you for taking the time to visit us here. Here's to the next ten years!

Us, at a glance

Established 2006

PAX is our most popular item followed by New Hallingford by Argos

Sliding door wardrobes are most popular in London

In Manchester TV storage units are popular

The North East are fond of display cabinets

London is our busiest large base

Milton Keynes is our busiest smaller base

Glasgow is our fastest growing city