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We have a range of services to help make flatpack simple. Our team of professional flatpack assemblers are located throughout London and are looking forward to meeting you.

IKEA assembly london showing BILLY instructions
Image by Semyon Borisov
IKEA Assembly

For over thirty years, IKEA has operated in the UK and it has grown to become a loved brand here. We can assemble any IKEA item. Read more on our IKEA Assembly service in London.

Image by Kamil Kalkan
PAX assembly

IKEA PAX assembly is our most popular service. We assemble more IKEA PAX than any other item. This great customisable can be adapted to suit your lifestyle and we absolutely love it. Whether you've bought a new PAX wardrobe or are simply refreshing your old one with new doors and interiors, we can help. Check out our dedicated PAX assembly London page for more information.

IKEA PAX assembly is our most common service
An allen key which is used by us to assemble furniture in London
Flatpack Assembly

We can assemble any flatpack furniture from all stores. Our second most common item after IKEA PAX is the New Hallingford wardrobe by Argos! Get more information on our flatpack assembly service in London.

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