Recruiting Ikea assembly Leeds specialists


We are always looking for talented flat pack assemblers to join us

We continue to recruit talented flat pack assembly professionals to join our network. We operate throughout the UK and Ireland and are always looking for new fitters to join us. Unlike many, our fitters are never charged a penny. You don't pay to join, you don't pay to bid on work and we don't take a cut of your wages.

We are looking for fitters to join us in all locations but we have an urgent need for fitters in Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, Swindon, Oxford, Cambridge and Brighton. Nationwide the average earning per job was £98 in May 2017. We are seeing strong demand in many locations.

You'll be self employed and be responsible for all tax and NI. Most customers pay you directly in cash so there's usually no waiting to be paid. You'll need your own tools and transport and hold the relevant liability insurance.