recruiting flat pack assembly london

Flat pack assembly throughout london


We are always recruiting talented flat pack professionals of all genders

Fair pay

Our fitters earn on average £105 for every job which they attend. We don't take 25% of their earnings, unlike some companies and believe in a fair wage for our team.

Freedom to choose

Some on-demand apps force fitters to only work for them. We allow fitters to work for as many of our competitors as they wish. This is quite rare in our industry.

Fair treatment

Some competitors will withhold payment or fine service providers when they don't do as asked. We provide a positive & constructive environment for all of our fitters.

If you are a professional flat pack assembler and are looking for more work then why not work with us? You can work with us in addition to other flat pack assembly networks and sites such as Checkatrade, Checked and Vetted or similar.

It's a shame that in this day and age we simply don't have many fitters who identify as female working with us. Although positive discrimination is not a value that believe in, we'd still love to attract as many applicants from the entire gender spectrum. In order to make our company more inclusive we recently set out to make our website fully gender inclusive and our website is undergoing a full update to ensure that we meet our goals.

We do not charge a penny to join, to receive leads, to bid on work or to be a 'highlighted' or 'preferred' service provider. You have the freedom to set your own prices, you are your own boss and you choose where to work.

We are a strictly no nonsense company. We won't promise you that by this time next year you'll have a sports car nor riches beyond your wildest dream but we can promise to provide you with free high quality leads without any dodgy pyramid schemes or 'recruitment' incentives. You simply choose the work you're interested in and if the customer wishes to book you arrange a day and time to suit you. You build the furniture and complete a 60 second form online. It's that simple!

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