Why have I received different quotes?

For better value, we allow all fitters in your area the chance to quote on your request

If you do receive several quotes it is up to you to decide which one to go for. Sometimes you may find that the cheapest quote is not necessarily the best quote for you depending on the availability of your fitter. Just so you know the quote that you decide to confirm must be the by the fitter who provides it. A quote is specific to an individual fitter.


Depending on how far the fitter is from you, the price can vary depending on the distance as longer distances will cost more.

Cost base

Some of our city centre locations do have higher cost bases due to the fact that they're operating in the city centre.


If your fitter has lots of availability then he or she may offer a lower price in order to keep their schedules full.

Number of fitters

Most quotes will be for one fitter who can operate most jobs even if the manufacturer recommends two fitters or more.

Other bookings

If a fitter has another booking close to you then they may offer a reduced price for a specific booking day/time only.


We allow fitters to provide their own special offers from time to time which will be included in your quote where available.