price match

Price matching

If you have a lower quote, we'll aim to beat it and give you £20 for next time

At, we are continually working to lower our cost base so that we can pass on the savings to you. We always aim to be the best value operator in your area but if you do have a lower quote then we will try and beat it.

Why you should use our furniture assembly service

A comparable fixed quote

The quote you receive from another company must be for the exact same items.

Fixed quotes

Competitors will often attract new customers by giving them an 'estimate' where in reality the final bill is sadly a lot higher. With you know exactly how much it will cost.

Same location

Our prices do vary depending on the market we serve. Any competitor quote must be for your location. We will not price match any quotes from a different location to your own.

The small print

In order to price match you will need to forward us a lower quote from a competitor. If you have received a quote by phone or face to face then please request an email quote. We are limited as to how much we can reduce the quote by and cannot reduce the quote below cost price. Your £20 off for next time voucher is valid for one year from the date that we assemble furniture and it can be used by any friend or relative.

Please note

A valid quote from a competitor is required. Please do not pick an arbitrary figure to put in the lowest quote box as we will need to see proof before we can reduce our quote.