Our flat pack assembly service and social responsibility

Flat pack assembly throughout london

Our fitters are our biggest asset

We treat our fitters with respect & aim to be the best flat pack assembler network in London

Fair pay

Our fitters earn on average £105 for every job which they attend. We don't take 25% of their earnings, unlike some companies and believe in a fair wage for our team.

Freedom to choose

Some on-demand apps force fitters to only work for them. We allow fitters to work for as many of our competitors as they wish. This is quite rare in our industry.

Fair treatment

Some competitors will withhold payment or fine service providers when they don't do as asked. We provide a positive & constructive environment for all of our fitters.

We're not the biggest but we aim to be the best. Taking social responsibility is vital for all companies from the big, to the small. We may not have a large tech company behind us nor are we owned by a massive furniture company. We truly believe that diversity is our strength and we are proud to be different. Here's how:

We treat our fitters as an asset

We believe in hard work, just like anyone else. All of us are hard workers and in return our fitters earn a good wage and are treated fairly. We don't force fitters to work where they don't want nor do we simply sell work to the cheapest person. We are about quality and fairness.

We don't charge fitters to bid on your booking

Some of our competitors charge fees to fitters to bid for work. They then assign the cheapest bidder to your booking and then charge excessive fees to the fitter and take up to 25% commission. This means that fitters can earn a very low wage for each booking and the fitter assigned in often the cheapest bidder and not the person who is best suited to your request. Our competitors charge up to 10 fitters £5-£10 just to bid on work and they don't get this money back if they aren't selected for the job. We find this highly unethical and we never charge any fees to bid on bookings.

We pay well in excess of the national minimum wage

Our fitters earn on average £105 for every booking. Based on the average duration of bookings this is well in excess of the national mimum wage and better still we don't take any 'cut' of our fitter's wages which can be up to 25%. Some competitors only pay the absolute minimum and offer no prospects in terms of development.

We allow fitters to work with competitors

At quiet times we simply don't have enough bookings to ensure full time work for fitters. Some of our competitors don't allow fitters to work with any other company. This is simply wrong as it reduces the chances or fitters getting extra work and is highly stressful. This is a deeply unethical practice and we have never used it in our history. We make this clear from the outset whenever a new fitter joins our network and fitters are free to leave and rejoin our network at any time.

Although we aim to provide excellent value flat pack assembly we are sometimes not the cheapest but we will never compromise on quality and will never mistreat our fitters just to provide low quotes.