new fixed prices

New fixed prices

Over the last few months have been in touch with our customers to ask them one important question; their preferred payment method. In furniture assembly, most companies either charge per hour (like us), charge per item or charge a percentage based on the cost of the furniture to be assembled. Overwhelmingly our customer have told us that they would prefer to pay a fixed fee per item whereby one price per item is available and is fixed.

We are currently working to update our website and will be introducing fixed prices starting 01/02/2014. For the last five years we have operated with an hourly paid system and switching to a new pricing structure represents a major change for and is part of our commitment to become the UK's leading flatpack assembly service.

Although we are switching to a new pricing structure we promise that we will still offer great value for money as we have always done. We are currently working on our prices and they will be available for all bookings made on or after 01/02/2014.

It's just part of our commitment to being the UK's leading furniture assembly service!