IKEA assembly London deliveries

Delivery issues

If you're using a home delivery service then read below

Over the last month we have been made aware by a few customers of issues regarding furniture deliveries in that late notice changes are made or errors are occurring.

Problems are arising with delivery dates not being honoured and delays occurring, orders being partially delivered or parts of furniture are not being delivered.

What to do

Check your delivery carefully

When delivered, carefully check each item matches your receipt or picking list. This may seem time consuming if you have a large delivery but it will save time. If items are missing then please get in touch to arrange our furniture assembly service. If we arrive and an item is missing we will assemble the available items at the agreed quote price and will return subject to availability at a cost in accordance with our current terms and conditions.

Incomplete items

In order to make transport easier, some large items of furniture are delivered in multiple boxes. Depending on which a store the items are from the items may have 1(3) or similar on the label. This means there are 3 boxes to make up the item. You need 1(3), 2(3) and 3(3) to make up the item of furniture. If you don't have these then the item can't be built.

One or more items have a changes delivery date

When you contact us for a quote, we provide a quote based on making one visit to assemble all items. If you become aware of a delay in delivering certain items then please let us know and we will provide you with an amended quote. Just so you know, making two trips costs more and takes longer so it is likely the quote will increase.

We are here to make your life easier

No matter what your requirements are we can help. Why not get an online quote? If you have any questions or specific requirements then please get in touch.