Flatpack Assembler Recruitment

Post date: 29-Jan-2011 22:10:45

We regularly receive applications from people wanting to assemble furniture for us professionally. From time to time we look for professional flat pack furniture assemblers in London, Manchester and around the United Kingdom. At this time we are not recruiting for flat pack assemblers in London but please keep checking. Full details will be listed at www.buildmyflatpacks.com/recruitment. Please check back regularly. Full details of our flat pack assembly positions in London and the rest of the UK will be listed here.

About Us:

Buildmyflatpacks.com are the leading flat pack assembly service in London offering flat pack assembly seven days a week without any annoying surcharges. Our flat pack assemblers are all highly experienced and we have received accolades for our great value service and our commitment to providing great value flatpack assembly in London.