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If you are a furniture assembly professional, then we'd like you to be part of

We have been providing furniture assembly for over five years in London and are returning to serve the regional UK. We pride ourselves on providing great quality service at an affordable price.

We've recently contacted you for a quote.

Please see the steps below as to what happens next

    1. Please see the email or message we sent you via Gumtree, Craigslist, your website or by email. It contains information regarding what items we need you to assemble, the customer location and any other information.
    2. Reply to the email or forward it to with a quote including any fees, surcharges, VAT and any other extras you charge. This must be a fixed price quote so please remember this when you provide us with a quote.
    3. We'll contact the customer with our price based on the quote you provided us with.
    4. If the customer decides to book, we'll send you their name and contact details for you to arrange a time to visit them and assemble their furniture.
    5. Once you've visited the customer they will pay you for your services and you then simply need to email to tell us the job is complete.

We do not charge you anything whatsoever for using our service.

We are not in business for fun however. We are a for profit organisation. We charge a commission on top of your quote. Once your customer pays, you keep your quote and we will invoice your for our commission. You only pay this once the client has paid. If your customer pays us through our website we will pay you the price you quoted once the customer has paid.

Eligibility Requirements

You must be experienced and capable of constructing the furniture we request a quote for.

You must be adequately insured and will be responsible for processing any insurance claims should damage occur.

You agree that the commission belongs to and to pay it upon request in full.

Regular Work

If you are interested in working with us again, we can give you access to our company email, customer database and inform you whenever there is work available in your area. Please take a look at our recruitment page for more information. If you would prefer we worked on an ad-hoc basis then you do not need to do anything as we will request quotes from you in future. If you would rather we didn't contact you again please let us know.

Customer Relationships and Revenue Protection

You will be assembling furniture under on your terms. However you are not permitted to offer customers a price which does not include our commission. We work continually to ensure a constant stream of customers and it is not permitted to encourage the customer to cancel the booking with and rebook direct with you at a lower price.