modular systems

Modular systems

By letting us know exactly what you have you won't over pay for your assembly

Some furniture can be made or measure of customised. Our most popular item is PAX by IKEA. PAX is extremely popular as there are so many combinations that can be ordered to suit you needs. It is therefore important that you let us know exactly which items you have so that we can provide an accurate quote. Below you'll see the information we need for each type of furniture.


We need to know:

The size and quantity of the frames

If any frames need mounting to the wall

If any frames have doors included


We need to know:

The size and quantity of frames*

Door types: hinged or sliding or none

Interiors: there are a wide range of interiors, please list them all


We need to know:

The size and quantity of frames

The number of drawers

The exact bed type if applicable

We are here to make your life easier

No matter what your requirements are we can help. Why not get an IKEA assembly quote online? If you have any questions or specific requirements then please get in touch.

*IKEA recommend PAX is assembled on the floor and then lifted into place. For this a ceiling height of 210CM is required for the 201CM high frame and a ceiling height of 244CM is required for the 236CM high frame. If you do not have enough ceiling clearance then the item must be installed vertically. This may require two fitters to assemble or may take longer to assemble.