pax assembly tips


MALM is a great range of bedroom furniture available from IKEA and includes beds and wardrobes. Their style is simple and stylish and their sturdy construction means the furniture is long lasting. If you have a more traditionally styled room then you may wish to consider the black/brown colour which will fit in well with a lot of styles.

Don't forget the mid bar

The SKORVA mid beam is included in the website and catalogue prices however it must be collected separately. Without it the bed cannot be assembled and you may be charged our callout fee if we arrive and we cannot assemble the bed.

Beware of the sharp edges

The corners of the bed make it unsuitable if you have children so do take care if you have children or pets as it is easy to cause an injury should you hit your toes on the corners of the bed.

Storage boxes only

The underbed storage boxes are a fairly new product and may not fit under older MALM bed frames. When buying a new bed frame you should ensure the bed is the high framed one otherwise you cannot fit the boxes under he bed.