Thanks for working with us

Now that you've completed the work it's time to request payment for your work

Invoice us

You can invoice us by completing the form below. You can only invoice us once the job is complete. If you are returning to the customer at a later date, you can only invoice us once the work is done. A reminder that this is a self employed role and you are responsible for all matters of tax and NI.

We aim to pay all invoices within 12 hours

Although it is not a guarantee, we will do everything we can to ensure you are paid within 12 hours of you raising an invoice. You will be paid by your preferred payment method and you currently have a choice of BACS, PayPal or cheque. We do not charge any processing fees currently. We are a strictly no nonsense company. We mean what we say and do what we promise.

Protected funds

Over the last few years a lot of tradesmen have been left out of pocket either by companies folding individuals ceasing trading (and coming back under a very similar name) owing money and not to mention non-paying customers. In order to protect you, we keep all money owed to fitters separate from money that is used to the run the business. Also, customers either pay in advance, or they pay you direct on the day. That way, no matter what happens you are never left out of pocket.

Providing feedback and reporting any issues

Although you should only be assembling items that are on the job sheets that we provide you we appreciate that sometimes there will be more items than originally requested. If this is the case then you should take additional cash payments from the customer. This is at your discretion and trouser the prices for this however we would like to know if this was the case so that we can improve our system if we see trends developing. Also if you notice any damage on the products or anything out of the ordinary occurred then please provide details of it when you email us.

Raise your invoice

You can either invoice us by email to or by completing the form below. Please complete the form below in full. Once reviewed we aim to release funds within 12 hours of you completing this invoice as long as the customer has paid. Funds cannot be released to you until the customer has paid. If you have any payment queries then please email If we are unable to pay within 12 hours then we will explain why this has happened and prioritise your payment to minimise any delays.

SORRY: invoices can no longer be submitted online and must be emailed to