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Current commission rate

Until further notice the commission rate is set below. This may vary and you'll always be advised when it changes. Usual rate is 20%**


Report booking

Please complete one entry only per booking within 24 hours of the booking being completed.

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Current processing fee

Card payments and online payments are no longer available.


Pay commission

Pay commission by card or PayPal online with no payment fees or by BACS.

Pay commission


If at any time you need assistance please text 07944874935 or email

UPDATE: 0% commission has been extended for the foreseeable future however selected jobs will have commission to be paid just so that costs can be covered. Most jobs will still remain commission free but please check carefully.

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Important information

Please ensure that your insurance is valid for the work in which you're undertaking.

What you can charge

To keep every quote consistent with each other and the website, please apply the following guidance:

Parking charges - recommended to leave this out of the quote but make it clear the customer must pay for this

Fixing to walls - an extra surcharge at your discretion, taking into account wall types & your insurance

Travel costs - if arriving on public transport this may be cheaper than parking so consider this option if it's best for you

Congestion charges - if your location requires payment of this or any other tolls, make it clear that this is an extra charge

Card processing fee - if you use your own website for payments or iZettle type devices, please charge accordingly

Bank Holiday supplements - use your discretion & charge accordingly for any BH bookings

Cancellation fee - if cancelled after 23:00 the day before & customer doesn't rebook, a 20% can be applied

Rebooking fee - if you arrive and an item is broken or missing, you can return at a later day. Recommended rebooking fee is £50 and advise customers BMFP will provide a receipt so that they can reclaim the cost from the furniture seller.

Additional work - for example, handy work. Charge accordingly & add this to total amount of booking when reporting booking complete.

What you cannot charge

Weekend or evening fees - you cannot specifically charge 'extra' for evenings and weekends however you can offer a discount for day time or week day bookings. This must be presented as a discount rather than an extra charge for evening/weekends.

Additional warranty/insurance - this must be included in the quote.

What BMFP can provide

Receipts - can be sent direct to customer. Just request this when reporting a job complete

Cancellation fees - an invoice can be sent from BMFP. Request this from BMFP

Rebooking fees - an invoice can be sent from BMFP. Request this from BMFP

Assistance or advice - just email with any issues and assistance will gladly be provided for any situation

Online payments - if a customer wants to pay by card, you can direct them to (fees apply)

**Commission rate is reviewed continually. It is likely that it will return to 20% in the foreseeable future depending on a range of factors.