Remedial work

Remedial work

If you've tried it yourself and it's all gone horribly wrong, we can help

It is very common. You've seen a few slick online videos showing you how easy it is to put up a large wardrobe or perhaps the other half has bitten off more than they can chew and now your stuck. We can help. Just get a quote, book and let us finish the task.

About our remedial work service

A helping hand when things go wrong

If you have tried to assemble an item yourself and things haven't quite worked out the way it is supposed to, then get in touch. It is very common for this to happen and we can complete the work no matter what stage of construction the furniture is at.

If you have ran out of time or changed your mind, we can help

Maybe you are capable of assembling your furniture but you have ran out of time. It happens a lot. If this is the case just let us know and we can come and complete the work. Nobody likes the inconvenience of a half built wardrobe taking up all of the space, so we will treat your case as high priority to get your life back on track.

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We are here to make your life easier

No matter what your requirements are we can help. Why not get an online quote? If you have any questions or specific requirements then please get in touch.

If you've started to assemble the furniture and it hasn't quite worked out then don't worry. Don't feel bad about it, at least you tried. If you just need that little helping hand to get things done then one of our nationwide flat pack assemblers can professionally finish your furniture.