IKEA assembly Norwich

Great news Norwich!

IKEA is coming to town and we're looking forward to assembling your IKEA furniture

We are delighted with the news that IKEA will soon open a new store in Norwich. This is a new concept of IKEA store which is a first for the United Kingdom. The new express style stores will be based in town centres and offer an easy way to buy furniture close to home without the need to track to massive out of town shops. This new store format (known as Citystore) has been trialled in Germany and is proving to be very popular and we expect the Norwich store to be very similar which is great news.

Getting it right with great service for a fair price

We will soon increase the number of furniture assemblers Norwich who work with us by an additional two flat pack assembly Norwich experts. Although we are IKEA assembly experts don't forget we can assemble furniture from all shops and our flat pack furniture assembly service is available seven days a week.

Why use us?

No evening or weekend fees

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12 month guarantee

Flexible payment options

We have been offering independent flat pack assembly for over eight years throughout the UK and will be increasing the number of IKEA assemblers Norwich who work with us. Although our flatpack assembly service is not affiliated with IKEA, we will be happy to provide IKEA assembly Norwich.