busiest flat pack assembly month

Our busiest month ever

More people than ever before as using our flat pack assembly service

Since we began operating we have revolutionised the flat pack assembly industry providing affordable prices and excellent service. Our continually growing service is testament to the hard work of our dedicated team of fitters.

Getting it right with great service for a fair price

Since 2007 we have worked continually to provide the best possible service to our customers throughout the UK. Our service is always being updated and enhanced in order to provide you with a better experience and better value for money. We have never been about being the cheapest service but we believe in providing great value and we understand the importance of making every pound count.

Why use us?

No evening or weekend fees

Easy online bookings


12 month guarantee

Flexible payment options

With our focus on continually improving the service you receive we are excited to meet more customers than ever before. We have some exciting new changes on the way so be sure to check out our website regularly for the latest information.