IKEA Assembly

It's over 20 years since IKEA came to the UK and their success has been amazing. Every Sunday more people visit IKEA than go to church and there are more IKEA catelogues than there are bibles delivered every year!

No matter what you buy from IKEA we can assemble it

We can assemble furniture from IKEA no matter what it is. You will find that a lot of IKEA furniture assembly in London requires two people which is not great if you are assembling IKEA furniture alone. That's where buildmyflatpacks.com can help!

With our low prices we are able to assemble furniture from IKEA and offer flatpack assembly for furniture from all stores. We offer IKEA assembly and flatpack assembly in London and Manchester as well as other locations throughout the United Kingdom.

We've operated for almost five years now and our winning combination of low prices and great service is extremely popular. Book now for your IKEA assembly needs. Don't forget we offer flatpack assembly for furniture from all stores.