IKEA hacks

Do you perform 'IKEA hacks' on furniture?

IKEA hacks and re-purposing furniture is not permitted

IKEA hacks often show up on dedicated websites, news articles and social media and involves modifying or repurposing the furniture. You may see a self professed 'lifestyle guru' on Instagram turning a few wardrobes, a kitchen table and some cushions into a fairytale kids play room but as with all things social media, the reality behind the carefully controlled imaging is often very different.

IKEA hacks are never as easy as the YouTube and Instagram stars make them out to be, are often unsafe and may void the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Therefore we are unable to offer any assistance in performing an 'IKEA hack'.

We can provide assembly for the items but what happens furniture after it is assembled is not our responsibility and we won't by held responsible for any loss or injury that may occur and any item that is 'hacked' is excluded from our warranty.

SAFETY FIRST: We strongly recommend that you consider that performing hacks may damage the furniture and make the structure less safe.