Ikea assembly prices

Reducing our prices as IKEA introduce price increases

IKEA will be increasing prices and to help we will be reducing our prices further

Ikea assembly west London

IKEA have signalled that they will increase prices due to the devaluing of the pound which has increased costs in its supply chain. In order to help customers at a time of the year which is already costly, we will introduce further price reductions on our IKEA assembly service. As a low cost company we always look to save costs and work smarter. Through our Building Better program we provide the best service at a price everyone can afford.

Getting the best deals:

We always recommend you book online to save £5, avoid payment processing fees by paying cash direct to your fitter and check out our latest offers.

It's always disappointing when shops put their prices up at a time when everyone is feeling the squeeze but here at buildmyflatpacks.com we will always do all we can to reduce the impact of furniture price increases.