Check you have what you need!

Otherwise your flatpack assembly project will no be going anywhere fast! When you buy flatpack furniture from certain retailers you must check the packaging carefully otherwise you will not be able to complete your flatpack assembly in London.

Larger items of flatpack furniture which needs assembly will come in several boxes. For example if a box has on the label (1/2) it means that what you have is part one of two parts. You must still collect the second box otherwise you will not be able to assemble your flatpack furniture. It also means that you will not be able to use our flat pack furniture assemble service in London.

Each store has its own way of labelling but it is important you fully check packaging. If you are in any doubt then speak to a member of staff at your store. But be careful they don't try and sell you their expensive instore flatpack assembly service.

For more complex items of flatpack furniture needing assembly such as IKEA PAX it is often a must that you speak to a member of staff. They will print you off a "picking list" which you can take to collect at the warehouse. Or if your shop orders in products for you then check the invoice carefully as a missing part means you cannot assemble your flatpack furniture.

Once home, check you have all items. We recommend you put all the screws and fittings in one place. Keep the kids and the pets out of the way too. Not only is it not safe, but again a missing part can cause problems assembling flatpack furniture.

We recommend you use for your furniture assembly needs. We offer a great value flatpack assemble service in London.