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In accordance with reissued IKEA guidance and as part of our commitment to becoming the UK's leading flat pack assembly service, we are pleased to announce we will include securing of items as standard on all of our quotes. With some competitors charging up to £40 per item to secure them to the walls we feel it is our duty to include safety as standard.

Safety tips

Secure items to walls

Most larger items of furniture come with anti-topple devices whereby furniture is secured to walls. In the event that the furniture were to start toppling, the anti-topple device will provide extra safety.

Load furniture correctly

Never over load furniture and with drawers always put bulky items in the lowest drawer possible. Avoid having more than one drawer open at any one time.

Keep children away

Little ones should never be left alone with large items of furniture. We recommend they should be supervised whenever near sliding door wardrobes in particular.

Broken glass doors, joints or supports

In the event that anything is damaged, avoid using the furniture and get in touch with us for a repair or the furniture store to arrange a replacement.

Some important points

We will include securing items to walls however you must give express permission in order for this to be performed. We will always try to avoid any damage to the walls however we will not be held responsible if damage were to occur. The location of wiring, infrastructure and pipework behind the furniture may mean that we cannot secure the furniture to the wall. On rare occasions when the condition or type of wall precludes the securing of the furniture to the wall we will advise you of this and recommend you follow our safety tips to keep you safe and sound. Some policy variations may occur depending on your location however we will keep you informed of this at all times. Only the fastenings/security devices provided by the furniture supplier can be used to secure the furniture to the wall. Just so you know as part of our drive to increase safety for everyone, we do not offer discounts if you do not want us to secure furniture to the wall.

News and recalls

You can see some updated news and information from around the globe relating to furniture and safety. Please check that your furniture is not subject to a recall. If it is then you and your family may be at risk. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We recommend you regularly check with your retailer to ensure that your furniture is not part of a recall.

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