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Save £35 on average when you use us

We aim to provide the best value in all of the cities we serve

Although London is one amazing place to call home, we appreciate that living here can be expensive. Whether it is our morning coffee, commuting to work or having a bite to lunch, living here is expensive (and let's not get started on rent and mortgages!). With that in mind we carefully reduce costs to provide you with great quality services at a price that everyone can afford. Yes, you may need to call back to speak to us when we are busy and yes it may take up to 12 hours to reply to an email but one thing is certain and that is you will get the best value from us.

How did we come up with this figure.?

We carefully compare our prices to our competitors

An average job lasts two hours and we have compared our prices to three of the largest companies providing flat pack assembly in London. We included extras such as weekend or evening surcharges and callout charges for a fair comparison.

Quality and value from

Today being savvy and careful with money is fashionable all of a sudden. To us this is just part of how we do business and has been core to our success over the previous seven years. In fact a lot of our fitters also work for the more expensive flat pack assembly services in London, but only we can off you their expertise at such great value prices.