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Improved customer service support

You can now call us no matter where you are calling from

As a low cost company we need to think smart with everything that we do to keep costs down and pass savings on to you. Until recently you could only call us if you were in London and calls were answers by fitters directly. Although this service will continue, we are pleased to announce that we are extending our telephone service nationwide wih a dedicated non London helpline to assist you with enquiries and take your details to provide a quote. Check out our contact page for our full contact information.

It's better to book online

Booking online is cheaper and easier. We like that because that saves money and that means you save money too. Therefore we will only offer discounts and offers to customers who book online.

Our commitment to low prices

We always aim to be the best value provider in all of the locations we serve. We believe in choice and we let you decide which services you require and you only pay for what you need.