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We can assemble your products

The perfect solution for today's furniture sellers

We can assemble furniture on your behalf

At for Business we have an ideal solution for you and your customers. You can book our services for your customers and we will assemble furniture bought from you in your customer's home. Our service is simple and benefits you and your customer.

How it works:

If you recommend us as a furniture assembler we can give your customers a great discount on their furniture assembly requirements. You can simply direct a customer to us and we will do the rest; providing a quote, arranging a time and professionally installing their furniture.


We are unable to offer fixed nationwide prices as prices are set locally, however we make it very easy for you or your customer to get a quote and to book. Having fixed prices nationwide is logistically difficult to maintain and often leads to very high prices for customers.

Dedicated booking page for your company

We will provide your customers with a dedicated book page to make it easier to book and find out key information. You will be provided with a URL for example You can simply direct your customers to your unique page and we'll do the rest.

Increase your average spend:

We'll provide you with a list of our prices. You're free to set the price you charge your customers so you can increase your average spend and make a profit on furniture assembly.

Improve your customer's confidence:

Flatpack furniture can be very daunting for customers and they may be put off buying as they are unable to assemble it themselves and don't want the hassle of arranging furniture assembly.

Payment options:

Your customer can either pay us cash when we arrive or they can pay you. If they pay you we will invoice you which needs to be paid online before we arrive. This is refundable if your customer should cancel.

Where we operate:

We have fitters located throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Prices will vary by location dependant on the prices set by our fitters and partner companies. Usually the first 20 miles are included in prices but we can travel further on payment of a small fee.

No fees or contracts:

With some competitors offering a similar product there are long complex contracts. However with for Business you simply use us when you need us. If you no longer require our services there are no cancellation charges or notice periods. There are no fees for using for Business.

I'm interested. What happens now?

Please email telling us where your customers are based (local or nationwide), the type of furniture you provide and any questions you may have. We'll then look into your product range and will then send you our price matrix along with your link to our booking page and instructions.

At a glance

Ten years of service

We have been operating for over ten years and have served thousands of customers.

Nationwide coverage

We have a network of over 70 fitters and cover the UK and Northern Ireland

Customer service stats

We are open and honest about of customer service statistics and publish them monthly

Top ten company

We are a top 10 flat pack assembler on FreeIndex

Over 90% would recommend

With our great service it is no surprise that so many people would recommend us.