About our furniture assembly service in London

How we build

About how we differ and why we are cheaper

Ok. So we're not the trendiest, nor the hippest of companies. However we focus on the things that save costs which we pass on to you in the form of lowest prices. Since we launched in 2006 we have constantly evolved to provide a great service at a lower price and today our prices are on average 40% cheaper that when we first began trading. We are constantly updating and improving our service whilst offering you some of the best prices in the industry. All of the changes we do make are to make flat pack assembly easier and more affordable for you.

We are different. Here's how and why.

No branded vehicles

We believe that most customers won't care what fancy branded scooters or vans we have. After all it's just a van! None of our vehicles are branded which saves us money.

We embrace technology

We don't have expensive offices or admin staff. We are all constantly on the go and connected electronically to provide customer service to you whilst saving money.

Simple but effective website

Our website may not have all of the fancy bells and whistles. But it does the job! It is simple and affordable and we pass these savings on to you as we have lower over heads.

No fancy uniforms

Again we focus on service and we think a uniform is a frivolity we can do without. This helps to keep our operations a lot simpler and saves money too which we pass on to you.

We normally work alone

Working in groups is logistically inefficient on most jobs so a lot of the time your booking will be operated by one fitter which is simpler and cheaper for you but you can have more fitters if you prefer.

Deposit system

Last minute cancellations are disruptive and push up the prices for everyone. Therefore on some occasions you may need to pay a small deposit.

We operate primarily online

Over 98% of bookings are online. We offer our best deals online as it is cheaper for us to do this. However, there's always someone on hand if you need to speak to anyone.

Buying power

We are a big name in flat pack assembly in the UK. We have a dedicated team in London and work with leading professional handymen to bring you service at a great price.

No 0800 numbers

When you call us you are charged a local rate when you call from a BT line. We do not profit from the call charges but it helps reduce our call costs.

Great quality furniture assembly, honestly priced

We are continually changing in order to provide our great quality service but at a price everyone can afford. We believe that if furniture assembly will cost a fortune that our customers would be better off buying ready made furniture. With our low prices plus the excellent value that furniture assembly brings means that everyone can afford the furniture the want.

Value for money

We do things slightly differently to our competitors. We hope this handy little guide has helped you but if you have questions at all then please just let us know and we will be happy to help.