Flat pack assembly recruitment

We are recruiting

Join us as we look forward to a bigger, brighter future

For over ten year we have been offering great value flat pack assembly nationwide and aim to be the UK's leading low cost flat pack assembly service. We are looking for experienced people to join our team nationwide. You'll set the working hours and you'll also set the prices. On average our fitters are paid £22/hr with a minimum £40 callout and an average of £88 per job. You can also set the area in which you operate but do ne advised that the further you can travel the more work you will receive.

We urgently require fitters in:

Glasgow, Belfast, Birmingham, Tyneside, Bristol and Dublin.

For all other locations:

Please apply and we will ad you to a wait list. There may be a slight delay before we can offer you work.

If you wish to apply, please see our recruitment page.