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Safety comes as standard

About our latest improvement

As part of our goal of becoming the UK's leading flat pack assembler, we are pleased to announce that from 12/01/2016 we will now include the fastening of furniture to the walls. This is a great enhancement to ensure you and your family are kept safe no matter what should happen.

What does this mean for me?

Following reissued guidance from leading retailers and several serious and tragic events (not involving buildmyflatpacks.com customers) from around the world, we are happy to announce some important changes to our service. Many of our competitors have charged up to £30 per item to secure furniture to walls. Most large items of furniture have a fastening device included which is used to secure them to the wall. This is a device designed to improve safety and decrease the chance of furniture toppling and causing serious injury.

This means that when you contact us for a quote we will ensure that you will never pay more for us securing the item to the wall. If you give us permission to, we will install the security device supplied by the furniture company who manufacture the furniture. This should help keep you and your family safe in the event that the furniture were to topple.

Safe and sound

For more information on product safety, keeping safe at home and the latest major product recalls, please visit our Safety First page.

Look out for hidden charges

As mentioned many competitors charge a significant fee for securing furniture to the walls. We believe safety should come as standard and that is why we'll always include securing furniture to the walls as part of our quote and you won't be charged extra if you decide to secure the items to the wall. This is just part of our aim of becoming the UK's leading flat pack assembler.