My furniture was not installed correctly

We aim to quickly put things right whoever you discover a workmanship issue

It's unlikely, but occasionally things can go wrong. We always aim to provide the best quality workmanship and give every project the dedication it deserves no matter how big or how small.

My furniture was not installed correctly

We politely remind all customers that our guarantee only covers workmanship issues with the assembly of your furniture. Faulty furniture, parts, accessories and fixtures are not covered by our guarantee and neither are defects with the manufacturing of the furniture. Additionally if you move the furniture from the original position then your guarantee is void as furniture is not designed to be moved and our workmanship guarantee does not cover misuse such as overloading drawers or rails or deliberate damage.

My furniture has been damaged and needs repaired

In this case please get an online quote and tell us the exact problem. We will liaise with your local fitter to fix the issue.

Examples of this may include replacement of a broken glass door or panel or a damaged shelf which we can replace. Please remember that occasionally furniture may have to be completely rebuilt depending in which part has been damaged.

My furniture has developed a problem or has a defect

If a manufacturing defect has occurred once the furniture has been assembled then we can assist in replacing defective parts or even installing the wardrobe of it has been replaced. This includes furniture which has recalled by the retailer. We can provide you with an invoice which you can present to the retailer to consider providing payment of our services if it can be proved that there is a manufacturing defect.

*Full refund of our Remedial Work Fee and not a refund of the original price paid for the furniture assembly.