Below you'll find the latest news and updates of all things related to that you should be aware of. To reduce the amount of emails being sent and workload please visit this page regularly for the latest updates. This is designed to keep you up to speed with the latest info and ensure that every job you operate is safe and provides the customer and yourself with a great experience.


PRO: 5% discount for landlords/social housing when booked online using promo code 'pro'.

Regular seasonal promotions will be updated periodically and at short notice. Check out our customer offers here.


Power tools: a reminder you should only use tools as directed by the instructions provided by the manufacturer. More.

Commission: remember you don't need to wait for an invoice to pay commission.

Insurance: please ensure your insurance is valid before operating any job for

Complaints: remember you are responsible for resolving any complaints raised by a customer.

Payments: must be made direct to you. will no longer process payments or accept card payments or BACS payments for customers.

Our latest five star review

"Assembled 2m of tall pax wardrobes with interior fittings in an awkward space. And assembled an ikea Hemnes Bureau and top unit. The fitter was very polite and a nice guy. Even took his shoes off at the front door. Worked solidly through to get it asembled and even gave me a hand moving the boxes of flatpack as I'd dropped one on my foot. Highly recommended and will use again if I need more furniture assembled". From a customer in Croydon.

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Top cities this month:

1. London

2. Manchester

3. Swindon (top climber!)

4. Edinburgh

5. Belfast.

Securing work:

1) Be quick. As soon as you get a request you should reply to it with a quote.

2) Price realistically,

3) Be flexible. The more days you can work and the greater the distance you can travel will help.

News and alerts for fitters:

Edinburgh: reduced availability of fitters in Edinburgh there are Leeds based fitters operating jobs in the area. This will involve staying overnight in some cases to ensure that customers can be served until our Edinburgh based fitters have better availability. Customers are being advised here.

Oxford: an additional fitter is now on the database to improve availability and response times.

London: customers will be advised whenever there's a public transport strike that their booking is subject to delays and short notice cancellations as fitters are finding is extremely difficult to travel around.

Dublin: BMFP returns to ROI starting with Dublin on a trial basis only. If you know reliable guys in the area then please get them to contact

General: although the website is receiving record numbers of enquiries, the quality of leads is often very poor and steps are being taken to ensure you only get the best quality leads with a good chance of securing a booking.

Customer news.

For the latest news for our customers please see our customer news section here.