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What times are you open?

Because your life isn't 9-5, Monday to Friday, we are there when you need us

When you operate a contact centre not only are you paying for an expensive service that most customers don't even use, you are limited to the opening times of a contact centre.

We try our best to provide a seven day service around the clock. We manage all customer service between our community of fitters. In fact the person who answers your emails is probably the same person who builds your furniture.

This can mean that at times your receive emails late or early in the day and you may find a slight delay in replying as the person who is dealing with your request is operating a booking however do be assured that your request will be handled as soon as possible.

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Flexible times

Life isn't 9 til 5 and neither is our customer services. We are here when you need us and we don't close down over the weekend.

Lower costs

We like not having a contact centre as that saves us money which means you save money