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What if I don't live in a Premium Service location? How do I shop at IKEA. Find out more

My instructions say that two people are required. What does this mean? Find out more.

Where do you operate? Find out more

Why have I received several quotes? Find out more

Can my skirting boards be trimmed? Find out more

Do you perform 'IKEA hacks' on furniture? Find out more

I wish to cancel or amend a booking, how do I do this? Find out more

Are you able to modify my furniture? Find out more

What if we arrive and the furniture is found to be faulty? Find out more

I'm moving house and need my furniture moved, can you help? Find out more

Do you offer a collection service from IKEA? Find out more

How do I contact you? Find out more

What times are you open? Find out more

What is the minimum clearance for IKEA PAX? Find out more

Can you remove my old furniture or packaging? Find out more

I am a business customer, can I be invoiced after you visit? Find out more

Can my furniture supplier pay for assembly or remedial work? Find out more

Can I pay on behalf of a friend or relative? Find out more

I wish to make a complaint, how do I contact you? Find out more

My furniture is not from IKEA. Can you still help? Find out more

How can I pay? Find out more

Why do I need to pay for furniutre in advance if I'm using Premium Service? Find out more

I'm interested in becoming a fitter. How can I apply? Find out more

Can I pay my fitter by card once the work is complete? Find out more

Do you offer any discounts? Find out more

What is your commitment to gender equality? Find out more

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