dismantle move reassemble

Dismantle, move and reassemble

Taking your furniture to a new property or giving it to a friend? We can help.

If you are getting new furniture, moving house or donating furniture then why not let us help? We can carefully dismantle furniture for you, preserving joints and fixtures to ensure that it can be rebuilt.

About our furniture dismantling service

A complete service, ideal if you're moving house

Moving house can be stressful and we can help reduce the stress for you. Depending on your location we can dismantle your furniture, carefully preserve your furniture, transport it and then reassemble it.

Keep the furniture you love

Just because you're moving it doesn't mean you can't take your furniture with you. Flat pack furniture is not designed to move and even if you did, it will take up precious space in the removals van. We can dismantle the furniture you love and reassemble it in your new property.

Reduce the cost of moving home

You don't need us to tell you now expensive moving house can be. You can move your furniture to your new property which can save you a fortune.

We are here to make your life easier

No matter what your requirements are we can help. Why not get an online quote? If you have any questions or specific requirements then please get in touch.