disapproved fitters

Disapproved fitters and contractors

It's unfortunate but sometimes we have to remove fitters from our database

From time to we remove fitters from our database due to performance issues. As a company we continually monitor the performance of each fitter on our database. If the performance of fitters falls beyond acceptable norms we are obliged to remove them in order to protect the quality of our product. As an industry it is important to share information and we are obliged to report in the interests of safety and protect the reputation of the industry.

Please email office@buildmyflatpacks.com

Just so you know

If you book with any of our disapproved fitters this is done completely at your own risk.

No differently to putting a review on a review site, our disapproved fitters list allows us to provide honest information

This helps protect safety and security in the community.

Defamation and slander: we have documented evidence to back up our claims and our claims are a statement of of the truth. If you are a fitter and you dispute any statement then please email office@buildmyflatpacks.com