Our customer service performance

We are about quality and service. Here's how.

Since we began trading as the original name in building flat pack furniture, we have focused on providing great value prices as well as providing industry leading customer service. Below you can find links to our performance. We are pioneering customer service in the industry and are the first to publish our customer service statistics. Many companies have variations on our name but only buildmyflatpacks.com can offer you the buildmyflatpacks.com service. We regularly survey our customers by phone to get feedback on our service including customer satisfaction, whether they were offered their first choice of day and time and if the fitter arrived on time.

Additionally we will perform quality checks on the furniture which has been assembled to ensure that it is safe, has been assembled correctly and ensuring that fitters are performing as we expect them. Our quality control checks are performed by managers and we will ask customers at random if they wish to participate. It's completely optional but helps us maintain our high standards.

Our statistics have been replaced with online reviews available at FreeIndex.co.uk