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Our top three most common enquiries

Make a new booking

Please complete the request form below form in full. This will then be sent to our fitters who can view the request details. Please ensure you collect information such as the make and model of the furniture and any interior fittings. Please ensure you do not write "wardrobe" in the items to be assembled column, instead our fitters need information such as "100CM wide IKEA PAX wardrobe with 3 interior drawers and sliding doors".

This is then passed to the local fitter who will provide the quote. Quotes cannot be given over the phone.

When closing the call please advise that their local fitter will be in touch soon.

Email is the preferred contact method so please ensure you collect this.

Confirming a booking:

If the customer has received their booking and wishes to confirm, please email along with the customer's postcode and we will email them a confirmation. If they have any specific questions or wish to select another date/time please email that to and we will liaise with the fitter.

General Enquiries

Please visit our FAQ and see if the question can be answered there.

Alternatively visit or view the supporting documentation provided when you joined as a service provider.

If the question cannot be answered then please email the enquiry to

We cover the UK mainland (all of it), Northern Ireland and Dublin.

Remember to include the postcode and email address so we can contact them.

When closing the call please advise that their local fitter will be in touch soon.

Amending a booking

If the booking was for today then please get the customer to call their fitter direct. If the customer does not have, or was not provided with these details then please email BOTH and explaining the customer name/booking date/time and the desired new booking date/time. All fitters should check the email before leaving for a job and many have access to this via their smartphones.

If the booking is tomorrow onwards then please email details of the change to explaining the customer name/booking date/time and the desired new booking date/time.

If asked then customers will be advised via email of their rebooking options if they cancel their booking or they can view our Terms and Conditions by following the link on the footer of our website.

Other types of enquiries/complaints/sales enquiries

If the question cannot be answered using our FAQ, help page or supporting documentation then please email details of the enquiry to

Calls for UP Flatpack Assembly

UP enquiries must be handled online and a separate from Direct customer to or email If they have been provided a phone number then they should call their local fitter.

Request a quote

Simply complete the form below in full. If you are asked any questions then you can view our FAQ link above which will open in a new page so you can continue to complete the form below.

What to ask

Fitters need to know the details of what is being assembled. When asked customers will often simply say 'small wardrobe' but our fitters will reject any request with an ambiguous request that is lacking details. Customers can be very vague when describing items so the little guide below should be used as questions to ask regarding each item. It is important because if we quote on a 'small wardrobe' and our fitter finds it is a complex modular system then s/he is left out of pocket as we are bound by the quote.

Wardrobes (including IKEA PAX):

Frame size, door types (sliding or hinged), interiors (shelves, interior chest of drawers, individual drawers), number of frames.

Is there a 20cm clearance above wardrobe? If not two fitters may be required and the price will be significantly more.

Modular storage (including IKEA BESTA)

Can be very complex and what customers describe as 'a TV unit' can be made up of several frames and wall fittings.

If possible get them to send a link/copy of the order/picking list/receipt for full details. If not available please get them to list the amount of frames and fittings, and if any need fitted to the wall, ask what type of walls they have.


Size of the bed, under bed drawers, lifting mechanism or fixed base?

Any extras such as electrical TV stowage or adjustable base?

Kids beds:

These are extremely diverse. Please try and get them to email a link to the product. If they can't please ask what size the frame has, wether there are under bed items such as tables, chairs, desks or sofa beds which are part of the kid's bed.

Dining tables/desk:

Is it fixed size or extendable, how many does it sit, does is have any drawers?

How many chairs would you like assembled?


Name and model is important. Please try and get them to email a link to us. Otherwise the size is needed and ask if it needs painted.

The customer will be advised in their quote email that installing sheds is weather permitting.

Book cases:

Size of the frame, any drawers, any doors