Covid 19

LOCATION UPDATE 07/01/2010: Due to the current circumstances, we have hibernated all locations except for the London area. All London based bookings will take place as usual. We hope to reopen all locations as soon as we can. Availability is limited as we are operating with a minimum amount of fitters. Please accept our apology if it takes a little longer than usual to answer your request.

We aim to provide a safe service to all of customers and to keep our team safe at all times

Providing a furniture assembly service at a price that everyone can afford has always been our goal. However at all times we must put safety first. This may mean that we have to take extra precautions to keep everyone safe. Our furniture assemblers throughout the UK are responsible for their own operational procedures and we will inform you of these at the time of booking. As these are very difficult times for our business,, we have unfortunately had to temporarily suspend a number of our locations but we aim to be back just as soon as we can.

Please note that individual furniture assemblers may have varying procedures and policies in place. Please confirm these before booking if you have any concerns.

Cancellation fees will not be charged by us

It is important for our customers to know that they can amend or cancel a booking as the situation develops. Until further notice no cancellation fees or change fees will be charged by

If your location is subject to a local lockdown, a full refund will be provided

In the event that you have to cancel your furniture assembly booking due to a local lockdown, you will be able to receive a full refund. Similarly, if your local fitter cannot attend due to them being in a lockdown location, we will aim to reschedule your booking with another fitter. If this is not possible we will cancel your booking and return any money to you.

The maximum height per item is 205cm

As we must work alone, we are limited as to how tall an item can be for us to build the item. The tallest structure we can build is 205cm and you must have 10cm or more ceiling clearance.

We cannot currently assemble items vertically

Usually if you do not have enough ceiling clearance we are able to install an item in place. This requires two people usually so for the foreseeable future we are not able to assemble items in place.

Please give us space

We will practice social distancing to keep everyone safe so we ask that where possible you place the items in the room in which you intend for us to assemble them.

We cannot provide service if you're shielding

Unfortunately if you have been advised to shield due to age or due to any illness or condition we cannot provide service in the in the interest of your safety.

We cannot provide service if you or anyone you are living with are self isolating

To protect our colleagues we are not able to provide service if anyone in your property is self isolating. If this is the case, please get in touch to reschedule your booking. Just so you know that are currently no cancellation or change fees.

Service providers may need to cancel or reschedule bookings at the last minute for reasons outside of our control.