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Thank you for using Your booking is confirmed. If you need to make any changes please simply email us at with your request. If you wish to cancel then you may do so in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Your payment confirmation reference is visible below. Please make a note of this as you may need to show your fitter this to prove that you have paid online.


A reminder that only the items included in your original request are included in your quote. If you wish us to assemble any items which are not part of your original quote then we may do so subject to our availability and on payment of the relevant fee. If you have any doubt regarding the items on your quote then please let us know immediately or check your email containing your quote. If you need to add items we recommend you contact your fitter direct and ask for a price or email us and we will liaise with your fitter for you.

If your furniture is not in the same room that it is to be assembled then you must either arrange for the furniture to be moved prior to our arrival or we can move it for you on payment of a £4.99 supplement.

If you have paid a deposit only and must ensure you have cash available to pay your fitter the balance once the work is complete.

If you have not yet provided us with your full address and contact number then please ensure you email it to us as soon as possible.

We look forward to meeting you and once again thanks for using us. If you have any questions then please email

Thanks once again and we look forward to meeting you!

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