Register for contract work

If you want to receive contract work, you'll need to opt in

As contract work is different from regular work we receive through the website and may be on different terms to what you signed up for, you must opt-in to receive any contract work. As contract work are fixed prices, please see below for the current rates of pay.

Rates of pay

The current rates of pay are below and include the first 20 miles from your home. Any additional mileage is charged at £1 per mile. The additional mileage you can travel is decided by you however the further you can travel the more work you will receive. Pay will be continually reviewed and will be amended as and when required.

If you don't want to work on contract work

There is no obligation to perform contract work. Contract work may in some situations be less worthwhile than regular website work. Therefore to balance this out, those of you who do register for contract work will be preferred bidders for all website work and will benefit from being highlighted in directory which is coming soon. Therefore if there is more than one fitter in an area, the one who registers for contract work will receive more website work too.

Why register?

Preferred bidders

Fitters who register for commercial contract work are preferred bidders for all regular books made through

Preferred directory status

In cities where there are several fitters will be the only fitter to show in the directory of fitters.

More stable work

With contract work there is more strady work throughout the year.