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We're recruiting

Better pricing, better value. Nationwide

In January we welcomed new fitters to our network nationwide. This is designed to increase our coverage, improve availability and reduce prices to provide you with the best service no matter where you are.

Why are more people switching to us?

When you ask us for a quote we will contact a panel of fitters in your local area and will suggest the best offer to you in your quote. More fitters mean there is a better chance of having a fitter very close by. That saves our fitters money on travel which means we can offer a better quote.

As more fitters are available we can offer more flexible appointments to better suit your life. Although on average around 80% of customers are offered their first choice of flat pack assembly bookings we aim to increase this to improve oir service.

Know your FJALLNOPPAs from your BIRKELANDs?

We are always keen to hear from experienced fitters nationwide to assist us in our mission to make furniture assemble affordable and reliable throughout the UK. If you would like more information then check out our flatpack assembly Recruitment page.

Why join us?

Earn on average £85/job

On average you'll earn a great fixed fee per job

Fit around your lifestyle

Days, evenings or weekend. You can fit bookings around your lifestyle

Great extra income

Part time or semi retired it is a great way to boost income