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Better deals when you book online

We like that, because it saves us money and that means YOU save money

When you're a low cost company, you have to think smart with everything that you do. We are the company that gives you choice. You choose what optional extras you pay for and you only pay for what you use. We don't believe you should subsidise anybody else and therefore we charge you more for services that cost us more.

About our optional fees

Booking by phone

Booking by phone means we need to pay for people to answer your calls as well as paying for tne technology and the call costs. This costs us more money, so we apply a surcharge on all telephone bookings. You can avoid this fee by paying online. We like that, because we don't have to pay people to take your call and that saves us money.

Paying online

When you pay online we incur a charge for processing payments. We also need to dedicate admin time to processing online payments which costs us in fees as well as in time. We prefer cash payments because we don't incur payment processing fees and that means YOU don't incur a payment processing fee.

We give you choice so you have control over what you pay for

You have the option of paying for services which you may require. If you wish to use our additional services then we will apply a surcharge. Take a look on our prices page for the latest information on our fees and charges.