ikea guide

Shopping at IKEA on a budget

Stick to the plan. Don't get carried away. Follow the arrows!

If you are moving in to your first home or are moving in to a student house, there is so much to buy and so many costly processes to go through. It's a scary, stressful time but it's also exciting too! We are sure you want your new abode looking great on a budget. We know a thing about furniture and are furniture assembly experts. If you don't require furniture assembly then take a look at our quick guide to getting your new gaff ready to show off to guests!

A shop that has everything you need. If you've never been before, take a look at their website for a guide on how to shop and the store layout. It is a big shop and is most likely very different to any other shop you've been to. If you are not in any hurry then follow the arrows on the floor. They will take you around the entire shop. However if you are in a hurry look for blue over head signs as they will show you the shortcuts.

We recommend you take a look at their starter kits in the kitchenware which is known as "Accenten" in IKEA. These are basically everything you need to get you going and they don't need flatpack assembly either saving you more.

The KLIPPAN sofa is comfortable and great value. Check it out in store and personalise it with a cover to suit your look, or save money by covering it with a throw from textiles for just a few more pounds.

Look for funky modern furniture in the affordable Young Swede range. You'll know them by the unique use of styles, colours and materials and super cheap prices. This range in is ideal for occasional furniture or furniture for a spare room. Or it's a bed for the master we recommend you spend a litter more on a more premium product such as MALM or the ANEBODA bedroom ranges. They've been around for years and are sturdy and stylish.

Yes were are talking about setting up home on a budget but take a look at some premium products such as IKEA PS or STOCKHOLM. You'll love their stylish chaises and tables so if you have any money left, take a look! If you need we offer great value furniture assemble for all IKEA products.

At the end of the store in the warehouse is Bargain Corner. Items that are slightly damaged or discontinued are located here at knock down prices. We like to take a look every time we visit. You can get some great deals! And our furniture assembly service is affordable should you need us!

Once your're through the tills, great yourself to ├╝ber cheap but tasty snacks from the snack bar or take home some Scandinavian goodies from the Sweden Shop, including the addictive Swedish meatballs and cream gravy (highly addictive!).

Be Advised: It's easy to come away spending a lot more than you need. The store is set up to get as much money out of you as possible. Go with a shopping list and stick to it! Take care of delivery and furniture assembly as it can increase the costs of your purchase.

We are IKEA assembly experts and our IKEA assemblers work up to seven days a week.