Why don't we provide a price list?

Prices are flexible and depend on several factors to give you the best deal

When we visit you a lot of the expense is in travelling to you which takes time and costs our fitters in fuel. Therefore if we are travelling to you to assemble just one item you will find that this is not as good value as when you hire us to assemble several items.

If we were to create a price list this would be on the basis that we are only assembling one item. Most of our bookings are for several items and if customers were to pay the full price for each item the cost of the booking may not seem good value.

Although some of our competitors do have fixed prices, we have found that on larger projects this can represent poor value for money.

Our quotes are fixed price quotes and are based on our standard hourly rate, but the price will not vary depending on the actual time taken to assemble your furniture so you'll always know how much it will cost.

When you contact us for a price we will take in several factors including; the quantity and type of furniture to be assembled, your distance from your nearest fitter and the day or time you would like us to visit. We also use flexible pricing which reflects supply and demand. However we guarantee that the price will be the best value available and we still offer our price beating offer where we aim to beat your best quote by up to 10%.

We provide the best value in all of the markets we serve