About our service
A free to use service for furniture assembly professionals
We recently contacted you as we had a customer who wanted a quote for furniture assembly. As we do not currently have a fitter in their area, we contacted you for help. This page explains more about us and how we work. Please provide us with the quote to office@buildmyflatpacks.com and we will let you know if the customer wishes to book. 

How it works
We are a lead generation service and act as an intermediary between you and the customer. We make our money by charging a fee on top of what you charge. The difference in what the customer pays and what you charge is our fee and is how we make our money. As you will be taking payment direct from the customer we invoice you for our fee in advance before we send you the customer details. 

In most cases we ask you for a fixed price quote. Customers usually pay cash direct to you when you visit them. They will pay you a pre-agreed amount. Out of this figure you take your fee, and we'll invoice you for the difference which is our commission. If a customer pays us online with credit or debit cards then you simply need to send us an invoice (or an email) once you have completed the job and we'll aim to pay you within 12 hours. 

When you give us a quote it should take into account the cost of travelling to and from a job. You are entitled to charge for parking if free parking is not available within 200 yards or the entrance to a property, and you are also able to charge additional expenses for the Congestion Charge and another reasonable expenses as agreed with the customer. 

Why work with us?
About our service and why you should work with buildmyflatpacks.com
There are many benefits of working with us. With over five years of experience and as one of the fastest growing furniture assembly networks you won't regret working with us. Our website is receiving more hits than ever and are looking forward to our busiest year to date. 

Completely free
We do not charge you anything and our service is free to use. 

No joining fees or monthly charges
Unlike others we do not charge you a registration fee or any monthly charges and we do not deduct any charges from you. You are always paid the full amount that you expect to be paid. 

No risk
There are no risks involved as any fees charged by us are fully refunded within 24 hours if you requesting a refund and we have a no quibble guarantee. 

A trusted and professional brand
If you work alone or are just starting out then using our brand can help your customers gain confidence in you by being part of out network and you get to use our professional email address too. 

An open and honest culture and we're always on hand to help you
Here at buildmyflatpacks.com we believe in being open and honest. We always keep you in the loop and are continually developing to make our service better for you. 

What if the customer cancels or I need to cancel a booking?
We have a no quibble guarantee. If you need to cancel we will refund the fee we collected from you in full within 24 hours of receiving notification from you that the booking has been cancelled. 

What price do I charge?
We prefer if you provide us with a fixed price quote that we can give to the customer. If you arrive and need to charge more then you are free to do so and we do not charge a fee for any additional payment you may charge. You may also charge the customer for parking and congestion charge. 

About you
You must have the right to work in the United Kingdom and must carry adequate insurance. As you will be representing buildmyflatpacks.com then you should be well presented and have great customer service skills and be fluent in English. 

Important Notes
It is not permitted to come to a local arrangement with the customer and to operate outside of buildmyflatpacks.com. By agreeing to this job you are agreeing to take the full amount from the customer and to pay us our commission once the job is complete. You are not permitted to 'do a deal' whereby you only charge the customer your fee and not our commission on top. This is because, although we are liable for the job, we receive no money for it so are exposed to the risk and do not receive any payment, which as a for-profit organisation is not acceptable. Nor are you able to withhold the commission due to us. In the event this is occurs we will take measures to recover our money. You are not permitted to discuss your fee with customers and may not disclose the amount of commission being paid on each job.  You must be adequately insured and are responsible for any loss or damages.