Tips and tricks
Some information to help you secure bookings 
Booking tips
Sell yourself:
When quoting customers remember that being the cheapest is not the only thing that encourages customers to book. If you're qualified, have lots of experience, have worked for a major brand, have worked with BMFP for a long time then make sure you sell this. 

Be quick:
Customers appreciate a quick reply and if you quote and secure the booking first it means that customers will likely continue with the booking even if they receive another lower quote from another company or fitter. 

Check the details:
If they don't give enough information then feel free to provide an estimate pending the full details. Make sure you make it clear that it is an estimate and that you can only quote when they provide all of the details. Be aware of unspecific requests such as (drawers or (shelves) and never assume it is just one or two. 

Sell any additional services or advise the customer what else you can do:
If you have any other skills such as other handy services or IKEA collection then quoting is an ideal time to promote these services. Even if they don't book, they're aware of you. If they do book a further service then please report any subsequent booking. 

Be flexible/FLEX bookings:
Evenings and weekends are popular. If you have certain days of the week where you're quiet or if you notice that the customer is close to another job you have booked, then consider offering a better price for those days/times. FLEX bookings had mixed success but worked in some locations. It is ideal as it allows you to combine two jobs into one trip, can lower your quote and therefore have more chance of securing a booking.