PS collect | deliver | assemble

With our Premium Service we can collect, deliver and assemble your IKEA furniture
If your free time is limited then let us take the stress out of your IKEA shopping. We can collect your furniture, carefully transport it to your property and professionally assemble it. 

PS is available to most customers in the London area and is a complete solution to your IKEA shopping needs. Designed to be quick and easy, with PS we provide you with a dedicated member of the team to guide you through the process of purchasing your furniture, arranging collection and delivery and most importantly we then professionally assemble your furniture for you. 

Why you should use PS
Save time and let us do the hard work
We can collect all of the items you require from your local IKEA store. Simply email us your IKEA picking list, pay for the products and let one of our team collect the items, deliver them and construct them for you. 

Some IKEA items are not available to buy online
Some items can only be bought in store so it may not be possible to buy your preferred item online. With our service your choices are not limited and we can collect your favourite items of furniture for you so you don't have to visit the store. 

The stress free way to shop the full IKEA range
Our premium service is available at selected London IKEA stores and can be booked in as little as 48 hours in advance. In some cases you may be required to pay for the furniture up front in full but this is refundable should the furniture not be available. We will deliver and then professionally assemble the furniture for you. 

With PS we can collect small items such as curtains, bedding and lights
With a range of Markethall accessories not available to purchase online, with PS we can collect small non furniture items for you too. Simply provide us with the eight digit article number (you'll find this on the website or in the catalogue) and we will collect them as we pick up your furniture. 

We pay cash for the IKEA products and give you the receipts
It's unlikely but just incase there are problems with your furniture or if you change your mind then we make this easier for you as we give you the receipt for the items so if you need to get a product replaced or if you simply change your mind then you can get a refund in accordance with IKEA's refund and exchange policy. 

PS: at a glance
One easy transaction
Shopping in IKEA can be time consuming with separate bookings for their picking service, paying for the furniture and organising delivery and finally asswmbly. With PS, we do the hard work. 

No visit required
We will visit the store and collect all of the items for you. You won't have to visit the IKEA store for anything. 

We arrange delivery
Delivery is made at the pre agreed date and time with no fuss. 

We assemble your furniture
We will then asswmble all of your items too to our renowned high standards, leaving you to relax