Improving how you interact with us 
We're trialling a new way of contacting us, putting you in direct touch with your local fitter 
At, providing a great service at a price everyone can afford is what we are all about. We're continually updating and improving our product to provide you with the best possible experience. Additionally we look to reduce costs wherever possible whilst never compromising on service. In fact our prices reduced on average 5% this year as we worked continually to reduce our cost base which allows us to pass the savings on to you. 

An area where we wish to improve is the process of getting a quote. Whereas now all quotes are handled centrally, we are pleased to announce that you will be able to contact your fitter directly as part of a trial. This means you can get an instant quote by phone or request a quote directly via email. Our fitters can also assist with any questions you have. If more than one fitter serves your location then we recommend you get quotes from all fitters to get you the best price. 

If you don't have a fitter nearby listed on the map, then please email with details of your request or request an online quote. Fitters only provide quotes for services that they will operate. Please be advised that a quote given by one fitter will likely vary compared to another. A quote given by one fitter is valid only for a booking that they will operate so it is important that you contact the correct fitter. 

If you have any feedback on the trial then please just let us know. This is a trial however if customer feedback is positive we will roll this out permanently and nationwide. 
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