Clearer pricing now displayed
You'll now be bow to see the average hourly price that our customers pay
At, we are continually improving our service based on customer feedback. You told us that you felt mislead about the hourly rate advertised and the hourly rate you paid. As we don't have fixed pricing we show what our hourly rates start at but customers felt that this was misleading. We looked into this and are pleased to announce we are improving information on the actual hourly rate charged.

We will continually update the average hourly rate
So that you can get a more realistic idea of the hourly rate that customers are charged, you will be able to see this now displayed on our flat pack assembly prices page. This is continually updated based on feedback we receive from our fitters on completion of bookings. Our 'from' price is now available in a minimum of five locations throughout the UK. 

Saving you more 
It's just part of our commitment to providing a great service for our customers nationwide.